Opening of a new Italian restaurant in the city center. Feedback from the first customers

Opening of a new Italian restaurant in the city center. Feedback from the first customers


Pizza first appeared in the United States with the arrival of Italian immigrants in the late 19th century, and was very popular among Italian residents in New York, Chicago, Philadelphia, and St. Louis. By the very end of the nineteenth century, pizza began to be sold on the streets for two cents. It wasn't until the early 20th century that small cafes and grocers began offering pizza to their Italian communities.

Fried chicken pizza
Until the 1940s, pizza consumption was largely limited to Italian immigrants and their descendants. The breakthrough came after World War II. The Allied troops occupying Italy, tired of their rations, were constantly on the lookout for good food. Local bakers met the soldiers' demands. The American troops involved praised the dish and brought it home.

There are quite a number of popular pizzerias in the United States, such as Pizzeria Uno, Shakey's Pizza, Happy Joe's, California Pizza Kitchen, and Godfather's Pizza. Many of these establishments have been handing down management for generations.

When Sal Consiglio, one of the most famous pizza men in the United States, died, a memorial service was held to which more than 2,000 people attended. Sal's daughter created a pizza in memory of her father, and The New York Times magazine wrote an article about it. A cartoon, released in 1960 and based on true events, was based on this event.

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